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Reviews of R I S E

Respected Insights

"The most perfect recording I’ve heard this year, maybe in a couple of years"
John Diliberto ECHOES, USA

'Full of grace and beauty" ••••
****​PROG Magazine 

"Extraordinary Talent"

“A delicate atmospheric triumph” 
Vacant Ceremony

"A voice that can only be described as like a Tolkein Elf, It is rich in harmonics, ethereal and just plain gorgeous!"
Fatea Magazine

“Rise’s vocals propel this album into your conscious and unconscious mind.
It is the songs of our childhood and our dream worlds’ woven together.”  
 No Depression, USA 

"I’m not sure I would trust anyone who wasn’t affected by this album
in one way or another.. a stunning debut"
Listen With Monger

“Full of personal loss, searching and eventual recognition, survival and even revelation. there is much more than a suggestion that the owner can stand in even the deepest of pits of emotion and sing her way out. This is an album that rewards listening and rewards well.”
Folk Radio UK

“A sublime and refined voice that has a haunting aura and reminds me of an early Kate Bush or Tori Amos .. it is her most potent weapon. You need this new *RISE album in your lives, just trust me, you do!! “

"Brilliantly atmospheric vocals.. elegant rhythms .. a winning confluence of globe spanning folk music." ****
Record Collector Magazine

A "beautiful slow build epic" 
Tom Robinson BBC 6 `MUSIC